The Best Power-Driven Screwdrivers

Most but not all marketers are there to make a quick sale. Purchasers should be extra careful not to buy something that doesn’t at all fit their bills. Choosing the best power screwdrivers is an essential thing to do.

Power screwdrivers are very versatile. They are used in many areas such as assembling furniture, installing door knobs, among many jobs available today. Among many features associated with the power driven screwdrivers, is the use of LED technology of lighting in low lighted areas of work. The Lithium Ion battery is durable and also saves power for a longer time.

Power screwdrivers are easy to handle and operate. Two years warranty is given on them. Some varieties have variable speed control. Others are installed with USB ports that can be charged on laptops, TVs and so on.

Power screwdrivers have taken the place of manuals in removing screws faster and easier. Among the factors to consider are their durability, power, weight, and mobility. It’s however wise to select the power driver that suits your needs.

What makes a Power Screwdriver best?


Speed is the most important feature that helps make a driver adapt to tasks of varying degree. The speed gives you more control on the performance. It also determines the time consumed in completing any task.


Always be mindful of what handle suits your grip the most. Usually, sweaty hands find plastic handles difficult to hold. Rubber handles are most convenient in such cases.

Torque control

The rotating force of a driver is known as “torque”. Being able to control the torque gives you better control. Different screws require different degrees of rotation. To be able to adjust the torque as specifically as possible leaves you with a fine job done.

Spindle lock

There are some electric screwdrivers that have a spindle lock that lets you use the device manually.

Simple Electronic Screwdrivers

Usually, the simple electronic screwdrivers look pretty much traditional. They are designed to suit light tasks, such as screwing in a plank board. Their power range is 3.6v to 4v.

Drill Drivers

Drill drivers have a double feature and are useful for not only screwing but also drilling.

Its dual function can save you money. Drill drivers are equipped with slip clutch, this feature allows you to adjust the torque for specific drilling. It functions at a higher speed than the simple driver gadgets.

Impact Drivers

Impact drivers are distinct from other drivers in the sense that they are more speed efficient and versatile. The impact driver doesn’t make you struggle with thicker and denser objects but delivers concussive blows to power drive screws. Its rotation force is about 2 to 3 times more than ordinary drivers. These are most suitable for larger screws.

Cordless/Corded Power Screwdrivers

Cordless drivers are certainly more convenient. But less speedy compared to their corded counterparts. A higher voltage cordless driver would mean it has a heavier battery. This will ensure a higher speed performance. It is important to know what ‘RPM’ stands for. ‘RPM’ stands for revolutions per minute. The higher the rpm, the faster the screwdriver will rotate.

After reading this article, hope you can find the most suitable power screwdriver for you. If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback do let us know.


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